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Can Melatonin Cause Anxiety?

Can melatonin cause anxiety

We have all experienced those restless nights when sleep seems elusive, making us search for the solution. In these restless and sleepless moments, many people turn to melatonin, a proper supplement known for its sleep-inducing properties. But have you ever pondered the question, Can melatonin cause anxiety? It’s fascinating to think about how something that’s … Read more

7 Major Causes of Mixed Anxiety Depressive Disorder

Mixed Anxiety Depressive Disorder

Ever felt like you’re carrying around a big cloud of worry and sadness, but you’re not sure why? That feeling where it’s like you have two unwanted guests in your mind, causing chaos? Well, that’s what we call “Mixed Anxiety Depressive Disorder”. Research says that about 284 million people suffer from anxiety disorders and 264 … Read more

Can Anxiety Cause Tics?

Can Anxiety Cause Tics

In a stressful situation, have you ever found yourself nervously tapping your foot or repeatedly blinking your eyes? You might have wondered at that time if these sudden, repetitive movements were just a result of anxiety or if there was something more to them. This might have also raised the question, Can anxiety cause tics? … Read more

Does Using Social Media Cause Depression?

Does Using Social Media Cause Depression

Ever thought about how scrolling through social media affects your mood? It’s a real thing. Does using social media cause depression without you even realizing it? We’re exploring if all that scrolling contributes to feeling down. Now, let’s talk about how social media can mess with our thoughts and make us feel sad. You know … Read more

What is Subconscious Anxiety: Signs, Causes and Treatment You Should Know

Subconscious Anxiety

Have you ever found yourself feeling on the edge, even when everything looks good in your life? Or have you experienced constant worry or unease without any reason and can’t shake it off? If so, then you may be experiencing Subconscious Anxiety. Unlike other forms of anxiety, subconscious anxiety works beneath the surface.  It is … Read more